We at MuG Shots are proud of our working relationship with our clients. We are very easy to work with. While we are very focused on the job, we never forget to infuse some fun into every shoot. Plus, as all of our clients know, we always deliver.

Maebelle Varron - Waterfront Hotel and Casino - MuG Shots Photography Client

We’ve been able to work with the dynamic duo that is otherwise known as MuG Shots Photography, and I have but all praises for the quality of their work and their professionalism. And just like the people behind it, their shots have personality!

Ms. Maebelle Varron
Marketing Communications Manager
Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino

January Alladin Leron - Waterfront - MuG Shots Photography Client

Working with MuG Shots has always been fun. The creative people behind it are extremely talented and their photos speak of their personality and passion in photography. Great people and excellent photos.

Ms. January Alladin Leron
Marketing Communications Officer
Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino

Demi Xyzha Redoble - Oakridge Business Park - MuG Shots Photography Client

I gave them the vision. They conceptualized and they delivered. They will do everything necessary to make your vision a reality. Even if it means climbing up a ladder to the rooftop just to make that shot happen.

Ms. Demi Xyzha Redoble
Marketing Communications Manager
Oakridge Business Park